Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Captain Moron

Christopher Ostrander, Dawn's husband is attempting to taunt me on a Florida support group for Fathers. You can read about Chris HERE. This "stepdad" has reached out to Darius ZERO times since he's lived here. That's how concerned he is about Darius, not one text, phone call, e-mail, or letter. Nothing.

This is the type of stupid shit we deal with on a regular basis. It's as if he's 12. Chris' behavior, and sickening hate for us, is one of the many reasons Darius wanted to live here.

Chris Ostrander seems to think that by putting on a GI and standing in a group photo you must be able to do whatever Chris Ostrander says you can do. The ignorance is astounding, really. Your inability to grasp the fact that my husband is ill is not my problem. I am only posting this now to document the continued harassment by Chris Ostrander.

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