Meet Darius' Birth Mother


Currently, Dawn and Butch are ordered to split the cost of all extra curricular activities, it's been this way for years. Dawn has refused to pay a single dime for anything since Darius moved here. Dawn Ostrander is not interested in working together for the sake of Darius, and she is not interested in what's best for Darius. She is interested in fighting.

When Butch asked her to split the cost of soccer so Darius could play on this team she accidentally responded to Butch saying "Is he fucking kidding me?!!"

But GET THIS.... A few days prior to this text she had the money to spend $890.00 for BOTOX! So I guess $890.00 for botox is more important than letting your only child chase his dreams. 


The Person We're Dealing With....

Not a lot to say about this one. Just wow. I guess some people's idea of a good time is not my idea of a good time. 

Christopher Ostrander - Fueling the fire of ignorance and loathing

Chris Ostrander is truly the fuel behind Dawn's erratic and hateful behavior. Things were bearable before Dawn met Chris, but those days are long gone. Chris has not contacted Darius once since he moved to WA; not via text, e-mail, letter, anything.

Out of respect for Paige Knepp, Chris' ex-wife, (I'm not really sure why because she's been pretty snotty to me in the past) I have redacted her home address from this PUBLIC RECORD. This report was provided from the State of Maryland upon request. This is public knowledge.

Mr. Big Badass Air Force Major has a documented temper tantrum problems. Darius reported years ago that Chris would slap him in the back of the had and call him ugly names. He also told us that Dawn and Chris talk the same trash about his ex-wife as they did about us. How do you live your life filled with so much hate?

This childish behavior continues even today. This is an e-mail that Chris was copied on because we needed his Date of Birth to take Darius to the doctor. Darius is covered under Chris' health care plan, and Chris' cooperation is required for us to be able to use the insurance.

Seriously? WTF is wrong with these people?