Saturday, September 12, 2015

An open Letter to my son's mother


Knowing that you visit this blog on a regular is very reassuring. It allows me to get a few things off my chest. 

First, congratulations on your recent one-sided victory in court. I suppose it isn't very hard to win a court case when there is no one on the other side to defend themselves. Oh well, let's not bother ourselves with the details. Great job! 

I hope you frame that court order because it's all you have left. Better yet, you might want to lock it away somewhere safe and sound because those papers are clearly worth more to you than your only child. Again, congratulations on your wonderful victory.

While you were a busy little bee spending $8,000 to "win", we were busy celebrating. We've celebrated Darius making the high school soccer team - a dream of his. We've celebrated Darius getting his driver's license and his first car, landing a new job on his own, his junior prom and being accepted into college A YEAR EARLY! In the months to come we will continue to celebrate. I will be taking Darius' senior portraits soon and then we get to pick out graduation announcements. Then we'll celebrate Darius' senior prom, high school graduation and his 18th birthday. You've given up all of this so that you could win in court. Again, congratulations on your victory.

On your road to victory and revenge you have shown Darius who you really are. You showed Darius that his opinions and wellbeing mean nothing to you. You showed Darius that Botox was worth more than his dreams of playing soccer. You've shown him that you had $8,000 to "win" in court but you couldn't possibly afford to help pay for his care, college, sports, or well being while he's lived here. You've shown him that disconnecting his cell phone, getting him kicked out of high school and lying is how you retaliate when things don't go your way. He knows that you do not respect him on a basic human level and you are completely incapable of acting in his best interest. It never had to be this way and you didn't have to destroy your son for loving his father. Congratulations! I'm sure it was worth it to you. 

In the years to come you can say whatever you want to try and mend the damage you've caused, but words are cheap. You've shown Darius that you're willing and capable of destroying him to satisfy your disgusting obsession with Butch and I.

I hope you continue to celebrate your victory as we continue to celebrate Darius. Darius comes first at our house. He always has and always will. 




  1. This whole situation breaks my heart. It's hard to always put your children's needs above you anger towards the other parent. But if you do it, the rewards outweigh any satisfaction you get from hurting the other parent. It isn't just high school and college, it is a lifetime of events; marriage and births of grandchildren and all the holidays you alienate yourself from. In the end your alone and it isn't worth it. I pray this situation turns around, for Darius. He deserves it. Now and in the future. Sending love to all of you!!

  2. It's too bad that a mother takes things to this level to get back at his father. Someday when Darius wants nothing to do with you, you can ask yourself why. But you are too self absorbed to grasp that.

    I'm glad Darius is in a better place doing well. Good luck in college man!