Sunday, September 6, 2015

Family Fun

Darius is seriously the strongest, most loving child I've ever known. Through all of this, and with our family's support, he continues to stay focused on his future. He is very excited about just starting Clark College, he's working a lot of hours and enjoying time with the family this weekend. As soon as he knew he wasn't leaving Washington he was good to go. :)

Our attorney is on board and is working to fix this. We should know more by mid week next week as to when we'll be back at court, etc. I wanted to let each of you know that in the end we hope to have attorney's fees awarded (clearly this judge is quick to do that) and we will be returning every single donation back to you. I'm keeping a running spreadsheet to ensure I know where every single dollar came from. Soon I'll be sharing this page via my Kristensphoto pages spreading the story and asking for help. Please continue to share and spread Darius' story.

My parents are here this weekend and treating us all to some much needed R&R. Today we are all visiting the Grotto and the Japanese Garden in Portland.

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